Permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows.Permanent makeup for eyebrows.Permanent makeup for eyebrows.

We offer both training and services for the cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows using micropigmentation and microblading techniques.

Live The Brow Life 24/7!


Look great 24/7

Be more confident.  With permanent makeup, you wake up looking great.


Perfect by Design

Design your perfect brows.  At Impressive Brows, we design your eyebrows how you want them to look all day everyday.  (Note: We only do natural looks.)


No Smudging, Runs, or Fading

Permanent makeup doesn't run, smudge, or fade during the day so you always look your best 24/7.  Great for sports, cooks, or sad movies.


Fix Imperfections

Many imperfections can be fixed or improved, such as hair loss, damage, or symmetrical issues. 


Save Time

Is your life too busy?  With permanent makeup, you'll never need  to put on makeup again.  Free up time for the things you love.


Save Money

How much do you spend on makeup?  Come see us, and you'll never need to buy brow cosmetics again.


Less Stuff

Lighten your load.  No more need to carry eyebrow makeup.


Eyebrow microblading services.

Get enhanced natural looking eyebrows. A blade-like hand tool is used to absorb pigment into the skin in fine hair-like short strokes.  Recommended for younger skin.


Eyebrow micropigmentation services.

Get full natural looking eyebrows. A digital machine with a needle-like tip is used to inject pigment into the skin in hair-like strokes.  Recommended for all types of skin.  (Most popular)

Skin needling

Microneedling services.

 Rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful look.  Reduce fine and deep wrinkles.  Improve acne scarring.  Reverse sun damage and discoloration.  

Love Your Career with a Certification from IB Academy


Unlock Your Potential

Do you know you can do better?  Do you dream about a better job and life?  We can help.  With a career as an eyebrow tech, we can unlock your career.


More Freedom

Do you want more control of your life?  With a career in permanent makeup, you can be your own boss.  Take control of your future.


More Flexibility

Are you tired of 9-5?  Make room in your schedule for your lifestyle, such as family, friends, and activities.


More Money!

Tired of being broke?  Want more/hour?  As a brow tech, the sky is the limit.  Make more money to do the things you want.


More Satisfying

Feel good about helping others look more beautiful.


More Like-Minded Friends

Belong to a family of artists that share the same passion.


Practice with Live Models

Practice!  Practice! Practice!  We'll get you passed the scary part of working on a live person with lots of hands-on practice.



We specialize in eyebrow microblading and micropigmentation.

Group Classes


Learn, grow , and network alongside others.

Private Classes


Learn one-on-one for a more personalized experience.