Eyebrow Microblading

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More money. More flexibility. Great for busy moms!


Get certified in microblading and micropigmentation at Impressive Brows.

We specialize in eyebrow microblading and micropigmentation.

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Group classes at Impressive Brows.

Learn, grow , and network alongside others.

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Private classes at Impressive Brows,

Learn one-on-one for a more personalized experience.

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Over 500 clients.  Natural Look!


Eyebrow microblading services.

Get enhanced natural looking eyebrows. A blade-like hand tool is used to absorb pigment into the skin in fine hair-like short strokes.  Recommended for younger skin.

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Eyebrow micropigmentation services.

Get full natural looking eyebrows. A digital machine with a needle-like tip is used to inject pigment into the skin in hair-like strokes.  Recommended for all types of skin.  (Most popular)

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Microneedling services.

Rejuvenate your skin.  A pin-like hand tool with a multi-needle tip is used to help skin repair itself. Great for wrinkles, scars, and aging.

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Permanent Makeup Benefits

No more makeup!

Save Time & Money!

Time and money benefits for permanent makeup.

Never buy or apply makeup again.  Great for busy lifestyles.

Fix It!

Type of issues permanent makeup can fix.

Correct problems. Great for hair loss, accident related, or symmetrical issues..

Don't Sweat It!

Sport and active lifestyle benefits to permanent makeup.

No smudging or fading. Great for sports, cooks, or sad movies.