$75 Needed: Models for our Students

Who wants to pay $75? Help our students succeed by being their client for a special discounted rate.   Don't worry … students are paired with our experienced instructors so you can be confident they will do impressive work.   Total price is $75.  A $35 nonrefundable deposit is required at booking and the other $40 will be due at the time of service. 

We know microblading can be expensive. $400 - $800. That’s why we are asking you to come and get it done by our students at a highly discounted price of only $75.  Our students are paired with experienced instructors that make sure they get the job done right.  Our team has done over 1000+ procedures so you are in good hands. We have a ton of pictures of previous clients and they are so impressed with the outcome.  Your outcome represents our company so you know you will get our best.

How long does it last? Results last approximately 1-3 years, depending on your skin type.  

Is it for me?  Confidence. Brows by design.  Look great 24/7.  Save time.  No more makeup hassles.  No more smudging.  If your brows are thin, over waxed, sparse, scarred, won’t grow, or you simply want an enhanced fuller shape, microblading is for you.

What’s Microblading? Microblading is concerned with natural looking hair-like natural strokes; whereas, Ombre is for oily skin and looks like makeup. We use the best quality products made in the US and properly measured and drawn prior to the procedure for your approval.

Why Impressive Brows? Your eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They frame your eyes, define your expressions, and can even make you look younger; therefore, you want to make sure you choose the right artist. At Impressive Brows, you know you are in good hands because we specialize in eyebrows. Since we’ve performed over 1000 brow makeovers, we’ve seen it all and understand your individual needs. Every brow is unique which is why we developed a special technique called “Dimensions”. Dimensions is our holistic approach that takes into account all the factors that affect brow design, including client expectations, body and facial features, skin tone and age, lifestyle, health, and medical conditions. Dimensions was created to bring out your unique personal beauty. You will never look like someone else.

Availability and registration


FAQ for eyebrow models for students


Where are the students from?

We are an international academy so our students come from all over the United States and around the world.  For example, we have taught classes in  Connecticut, Phoenix, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, California, Georgia, Virginia, Maine, D.C., Sweden, Australia, and Thailand. 

Why should I be a model for your students?

We know that permanent makeup can be expensive ($400 - $800) and often keeps people from trying permanent makeup.  That's why this is a win win!  You get to try semi permanent makeup for a highly discounted rate and our students get to build a portfolio with the help of our instructors.

$75? That's a great price. What's the catch?

You are right.  $75 is a highly discounted rate compared to a Master Artist at $800.  We have an academy that trains in permanent makeup so this offer helps our students build their microblading portfolio.  Also, you must give us permission to market the results on our websites, video, social media, and our advertising platforms.  If you are looking for something else, we have other offers with more experienced artists.

Is it risky since they are students?

Your brows will be representing our academy and our graduates to the public so we want you to have great results.  Although there are no guarantees in permanent makeup due to a wide variety of skin types, our students usually get high praise from our models.  To make sure you and our students have the best experience possible, our students must go through 100 hours of practice on paper and 3D mannequins before they are allowed to work on live models.   They are then paired with our experienced instructors for the live model sessions. Also, the design will be pre drawn on your face so you will be able to pre approve the look before the procedure is actually performed.  We give you the final say.  All this usually leads to a great experience.  If you don’t feel comfortable with students working on you, then we have more experience options on our services page.   

How much experience do the students have?

It depends.  Our students have a wide variety of experiences, ability,  and backgrounds before coming to our academy.   We require our students to master drawing on 3D mannequins before working on live models.  In class, students are paired with experienced instructor to guide and teach them.

Do you offer other permanent makeup services for models?

Sometimes.  It depends on the needs of the class.  We specialize in teaching permanent makeup of eyebrows.  Often we give you a choice of microblading, micropigmentation, eyeliner, powder brows, or Ombre.  We also do skin needling and lips.  Check with us if you want to do try something different.  Often our students are interested in more than eyebrows.

What if I don't want students working on me?

We understand.  We are more than an academy.  We have more experience artists ready to help you, but remember that all of our students are paired with an experienced instructor.  Check out our services page for more options.

How can I sign up?

We need models for our students so the special rate is only offered during our classes.  Check our registration page for openings or like our facebook page to get the latest news and updates.

What if I have other questions?

Try our services and FAQ page.