What is Dimensions?


Dimensions is our signature VIP technique.  Your eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face.  They frame your eyes, define your expressions, and can even make you look younger; therefore, you want to make sure you choose the right artist.  At Impressive Brows, you know you are in good hands because we specialize in eyebrows.  Since we’ve performed over 1000 brow makeovers, we’ve seen it all and understand your individual needs.  Every brow is unique which is why we developed a special technique called “Dimensions”.  Dimensions is our holistic approach that takes into account all the factors that affect brow design, including client expectations, body and facial features, skin tone and age, lifestyle, health, and medical conditions. Dimensions was created to bring out your unique personal beauty. You will never look like someone else.  (2 Hours)

The Dimensions System:

  1. Consultation - Our process is highly personalized and we always start by getting to know your needs.  We will meet in person, discuss your expectations, and determine if we are the right fit for you.  (We only do natural looks so if you are looking for an unusual design, we will not be the right match for you.)  Second, we will examine your brows, skin type, and personal makeup to identify the right procedure and color for you. Third, we will decide if we are going to use a 1 or 2 stage process.  2 stage takes more time but yields better results since we can see how the skin reacts to stage 1, i.e., color change.  Finally, we will set a procedure date then give you pre care instructions so that you can get the best possible results.  We will go over the dos and don’ts that you should follow to get the best looking brows, such as exercise, waxing, sun, facials, coffee, and meds.  For example, sunburns can peel off or make it difficult for the pigment to penetrate.
  2. Interview - Before the procedure, we will review your expectations and personal profile from the consultation.    Any last minute adjustments and disclosures should be done here. You will fill out and sign a consent form.  (Note: Although Dimensions was developed to ensure that you get the best brows possible and has a high satisfaction rate, there are no guarantees in cosmetic tattooing.  Everybody’s skin is different and it is impossible to tell exactly how your skin will react and heal.)
  3. Design choice - Dimensions takes into consideration the many signatures of your beauty, including hair density, brow pluck, skin type, viewing angles, expression harmony, head tilt, and facial proportions and features to create the perfect brow for you.  For example, side views, nose crookedness, eye distance, lip cupid, forehead space, and skin sag are factors that need to be coordinated to enhance your beauty.
  4. Color choice - The choice of color is key to creating the look you want and requires expertise.  There are many factors that go into getting the color right.  Traditional tattooing uses solid monotone shading; whereas, Dimensions takes into consideration pigment blend, color shift, color fade, shading, texture and gradients.  We use the highest quality pigments in the industry that are safe for human skin and the best at holding color over time.   
  5. Hygiene protocol - We take your health seriously.  Cosmetic tattooing involves injecting pigment into your body; therefore, we use best practices for our industry to minimize your health risk, i.e., bloodborne pathogens.   First, we are licensed and facility approved by the state health department. Second, pigment is injected  at a safe level and depth.  Third, we use the best and safest products in the industry.  No cutting corners.  Fourth, sterile disposable products are used for each client.  We will open the products in front of you so you can be confident that are procedure is safe. 
  6. Brow preparation - It is important to thoroughly clean the brow area so that no contaminants enter the skin and the ink can be properly deposited.
  7. Design approval - Based on your expectations and our expertise, we pre draw the eyebrow tattoo with pencil for your approval. You always have the final say and once you give your approval, we will continue with the pigmentation process.  We want you to own your beauty.
  8. Aftercare - we dont ignore you once you are out the door. We will set up a follow-up visit within a couple days to make sure all is healing well.  We also instruct you on how to take care of your brows during the healing process to insure beautiful results.
  9. Touch ups - After stage 2, touch ups are offered at a special rate to keep your eyebrows looking fresh.